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Believe it or not: We're not like all the others.

As industry veterans, we know that impressive-sounding promises only go so far with our tough, skeptical target audience. Nobody gets a second look from potential clients in this market without a good answer to the clincher question: Where's the proof? At Crown Premiums, the most compelling reasons to believe our value proposition are the products in our inventory. 

The proof is in our products.

Every promotional product in our inventory documents another game-changing performance in our 20-year history of helping organizations in a wide range of industries and business sectors overcome their most daunting challenges. 

Sheer brilliance: A renewable source of promotional power

The scalability of these market-tested and audience-approved promotions offers companies and nonprofits the perfect lean times investment. With the item of their choice tailored to reflect their unique identity, diverse organizations can harness the built-in promotional power of a market-tested, audience-approved promotion. That means every organization can have a product that reduces its investment risk and adds value to its promotional campaign at the same time. For the business-savvy customers we serve, a simple, failsafe solution to those two contradictory demands is the single most important differentiator a provider can have: proof of first-rate marketing intelligence. 

Precisely Detailed Product Replicas

From collectible-quality model cars to novel applications of signature items from leading tooling, hardware, and major appliance brands, the choices in this category offer original equipment manufacturers and their distribution partners a wealth of profitable business opportunities. 

  • Custom HummerCustom Vehicles - The superior quality and remarkably low price of our die-cast automotive replicas have been steadily attracting new customers and cultivating long-term client relationships since we first began manufacturing model cars in 1997. Since that time, we've extended this product line across a broad cross-section of automotive categories:
  • Limited Vintage CarsLimited Edition Vintage Cars & Trucks - The meticulously styled die-cast scale models in our Crown Jewels Collection span the history of the auto industry from the 1920 Ford Model T to the classic convertibles of the early '70s. Our selection of customizable options covers a wide variety of vehicles categories, including antique pedal cars; '50 hotrods; '60s muscle cars; and vintage step vans, Ford pickups, and Chevy panel trucks.
  • Construction Equipment TrucksConstruction Equipment & Heavy Trucks - We can imprint your logo on your choice of products from our extensive line of heavy-duty vehicle replicas. Options range from tractor-trailers, gas tankers, and freightliners to forklifts, cement mixers, and other construction equipment. Many are available in different materials, colors, and sizes. 
  • Emergency Response VehiclesEmergency Response Vehicles - Our line of intricately detailed model rescue vehicles includes Model T fire engines, Gendron Pumpers, and Garton pedal cars.
  • Gas PumpsCustom-Molded Accessories - From farming and construction tools to camping equipment and shipping containers, our 1:24 scale-model accessories add to the authenticity and fun of collectible-quality automotive replicas. Items like this vintage gasoline pump replica are sure to delight the model car fanatics in your audience.  
  • Lennox HVAC RooftopLennox Roof Top AirConditioner/Heater - We created a powerful sales tool for Lennox representatives by using the company's CAD data to create this highly accurate scale model of one of its commercial HVAC units. 
  • Customizable Hardware ToolsCustomizable Hardware Replicas - Our Snap-on Tool Collection covers a broad range of categories, including automotive replicas and dioramas.
  • 12-Point Socket Wrist Watch12-Point Socket Wristwatch - This 12-point socket wristwatch uses inventive design and rugged materials to capture the brand identity of Snap-on Tools in a highly functional and attractive promotional product. See our full line of watches and clocks for other imaginative customizable timepieces.
  • Other Customized ProductsOther Ingenious and Useful Options, including a Pen and Pencil Set fashioned as a wrench and screwdriver and a Coffee Mug with a socket-shaped cover, visually cue the recipient to remember and appreciate your brand every time they see and enjoy your campaign giveaway.

Collectible-Quality Commemorative Gifts and Customer Premiums

Honor a milestone event in your organization's history with a gift that recipients will display with pride.

  • Giclée Prints - The vivid colors and precisely rendered details in this commemorative artwork showcase the impressive quality advantages of the Giclée printing process. This advanced printing technique can generate hundreds or even thousands of fade-resistant, gallery-quality reproductions of paintings or photographs on the medium of your choice.
  • Dioramas - Regardless of the materials you select or the event you wish to mark, the quality of the 3-dimensional scene we craft will serve as a lasting and meaningful tribute to that significant moment.
  • 105th Anniversary Lennox Factory - This historically accurate re-creation of a vintage Lennox factory exemplifies the exquisite workmanship of our customized dioramas.
  • Snap-on Tools Race Pit Crew - This pewter and polyresin pit crew replica was a huge hit as a Snap-on Tools customer premium and has become a highly sought-after collector's item on auction sites.
  • Commemorative Product Replicas - From vintage model cars to commercial and consumer goods, the following customizable product replicas represent just a small sampling of the infinite variety of ways our product development team can help you celebrate significant company anniversaries and industry events.
  • Snap-on "Hot August Nights" street rod
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • 1957 Chevy Bel-Air
  • NAPA "Get the Good Stuff" LED sign
  • Snap-on Socket poker caddy set

Premium Leisure Products

The upscale quality of the standard products we customize is the secret of customer rewards and product premiums that increase your audience's loyalty and engagement with your company and your brand.


  • Timelessly Cool Neon Clock - With its chic retro styling and solid construction, this neon wall clock is a versatile option for rewarding valued donors, colleagues, and clients or offering discerning customers an enticing premium.  
  • Elegant 6-Piece Stainless-Steel Barbecue Set - This set of sleek, durable barbecue tools commands a price as high as $75 in high-end culinary supply stores-our customizable version enables you to provide all that value at half the cost.  
  • Cutting-Edge Custom Razor - A finely made razor imprinted with your logo and other custom details is the kind of uniquely fun and functional promotional item that makes your competitors ask themselves, Why didn't we think of that?
  • Custom Horseshoe Set - This set of horseshoe set commands a price as high as $95 in high-end tournament play - our customizable version enables you to provide all that value at half the cost.
  • MORE!...

Our inventory also includes finely crafted, flexibly adaptable products in the following categories:


  • High-End Camping Chairs
  • Stylish Retro Beverage Coolers
  • Classic Knives
  • Deluxe Poker Accessories
  • And Endless Possibilities... At Crown Premiums, an extensive and diverse inventory of industry-proven products is just the beginning of what we have to offer. Our comprehensive product development capabilities enable us to capture just about any promotional idea in an industry-specific and attractive form that advances your individual marketing and business objectives.

Join the Crown Premiums Tradition

For the people at Crown Premiums, your toughest challenges are welcome opportunities. Every new client dilemma is another chance to expand and diversify our portfolio of customer success stories and extend our tradition of making impossible product dreams come true.


Think your marketing problems are too tough to solve? Go ahead and make our day! Contact Crown Premiums now.


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