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At Crown Premiums the only thing we like better than unusual requests and tough challenges is seeing the smile on a first-time customer's face when we get to say magic words: Yes, we can do that. No problem! Our pleasure. That enthusiastic can-do spirit is an important expression of the genuine concern we invest in all of our client relationships.

Premier Quality and Service: Satisfied Clients Say It Best:


"I have been a Snap-On tool fan since I was a teenager. The tools were really expensive and I never could afford a lot of them but when I got older, I started picking up some of their tools. They were hard to put down even at the end of the day because they were so well made. A Snap-On tool is not different than a fine watch or exotic car. It’s simply the best brand of tools one can own. 

While I was on a popular auction site I ran into some toolboxes in miniature. These toolboxes were exact replicas of the real Snap-On toolboxes. I noticed that these were made for Snap-On tools, licensed by Snap-On by a very nice company called Crown Premiums. I remember buying my first Crown Premiums miniature replica Snap-On toolbox. When I opened the box, I was stunned at what I was seeing. An exact toolbox that had to have taken a week to build, even on a production line. The paint code was matched exactly; serial numbers were on the box, warning stickers about safety and even the little hand-painted miniature Snap-On tools were fitted into drawers. Even the casters are detailed! The bonus to all this was that a great deal of their toolboxes, cars, gas pumps, and trucks are also banks. 

I can't say enough about the folks at Crown Premiums. Words and descriptions just don't do their reproductions the true respect that they deserve. Snap-On and other companies who want promotional items always turn to Crown Premiums because they know that the folks at Crown Premiums are more than just production line workers; they are true artisans of their craft and are dedicated to supplying companies with the best promotional items that can be produced. Snap-On is only one company that turns to Crown Premiums but they know how precise these folks can be with every promotional product that they produce. Ford, Freightliner and Dodge are also proud to authorize and license Crown Premium's products. 

Crown Premiums makes all kinds of things and the limits to their capabilities are only limited to the client's imagination. Their dioramas, clocks and all of their products are beautiful and very detailed. It’s very evident at first glance that they go the extra mile and if you get a product from Crown Premiums, you'll have something very special that you can pass down through the generations as family heirlooms. 

Crown Premiums not only produces products; they produce smiles and satisfaction that is unparalleled in the promotional marketplace. Whether you are a collector or a corporation who is seeking only the best products for promotional products, one needs not to look any further than this fine company. 

This testimonial is here because I am so pleased with this company. Their dedication and attention to detail is unparalleled. Thank you Crown Premiums for making the most accurate and interesting products in the market! Keep up the great work!"

- Dan Eigsti,

Loyal Customer

"Our worldwide customers that are buying our product are simply in awe. I can't say enough about your company and the great products you are putting out." - Mac McAllen, President, Hobart

"Premium products from a premium company, Crown Premiums. It's all in the name." - Dan Kuglar, Snap-on

"We've been placing orders with you for several years now. You can bet I will continue to do so. We are not in the 'toy' selling business like some other companies. We are selling Conoco history." - Ron Baggett, Conoco

"Our Sentry, Trustworthy Hardware and Golden Rule Lumber Centers cars and trucks exhibit the best quality, at such an affordable price." - Dave Strang, Distribution America

"We want to thank you for the quality of your replicas. These items have been used very successfully for promotional and collectible pieces with outstanding results." - Johnson's Inc.

 "Crown Premiums has been our supplier of truck banks, dioramas, pedal cars and such since 1986. If you could see my collection of die cast, you would see what quality is all about." - Bob McVay, Lennox Industries, Inc.

"We attribute much of the success of the PRO Hardware program to your guidance. Crown's products always meet our expectations." - Dick Frame, PRO Group, Inc.

"You and your staff provided new ideas and products that were well received by our membership." - Steve Marks, Auto Alliance

"As per usual, your attention to detail is all over this - both from the die cast itself, to the packaging, to the wrapping." - Pete

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